Custom LMS Platform Integration & Development

Unlock Your Education Potential with Our White-Label LMS Platform

Are you a coach, personality trainer, psychologist, or educational institution seeking online visibility? Look no further! Our WordPress-powered white-label LMS platform, integrated with Memberpress Courses, makes it easy to launch a fully-featured online school.

Unique Features:

  1. Complete Course Creation: Use our straightforward interface to build and manage courses, webinars, and learning resources. Organize information, create interactive quizzes, and give students completion certificates.
  2. DRM-Protected Video Content: Your precious video content is safe. Our integrated video player plugin streams videos from a CDN network for secure access and connection speed-based video quality management. To improve learning, add subtitles and video covers.
  3. Customizable and White-Label: Promote your brand. Our platform lets you customize the appearance and feel to match your brand. From start to finish, your students’ experience will be seamless.
  4. Monetization: Use various monetization methods. Sell courses, subscriptions, or memberships to make money while sharing your knowledge. Flexible price meets your demands.

Your School Benefits:

  1. Greater Reach and Flexibility: Reach audiences worldwide. Reach students worldwide, letting them access your classes at their convenience.
  2. Enhanced Learning Experience: Create a fun, interactive classroom. To make learning fun and meaningful, use multimedia, quizzes, and certificates.
  3. Brand Authority and Differentiation: Make your online school stand out. Build credibility, knowledge, and trust in your profession.
  4. Easy Administration: Our platform simplifies administrative tasks. Easy course enrollment, student progress tracking, and analytical data to evaluate your offerings.

Our white-label LMS software maximizes your school’s potential. From setup to customization, our professionals will help you integrate your individual needs seamlessly.

Invest for success. Our total integration services cost $5000–$12,000, depending on your educational institution’s size and complexity.

Join the realm of online teaching and learning to give your students a leg up. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our white-label LMS platform can transform your teaching services.